Dear Clients and Users of the SCIO – EDUCTOR Biofeedback Family,

It has come to our attention that QX World Ltd. and foreign affiliates within its sphere of interest have been making statements partially on their websites, partially via e-mails and through communications on their social media platforms. Statements containing no factual or legal basis, severely violating the good reputation of our company, the SCIO and EDUCTOR devices and their operating systems. These companies have attached statements made by Desiré Dubounet (p.k.a. W. C. Nelson) and subcontractor Pentavox Ltd. (formerly responsible for the manufacturing of certain parts of the devices) to their offending allegations.

Contrary to these allegations, the facts are as follows:

The development of the SCIO device happened between 1998 and 2002 by the developer, Maitreya Ltd. Programmer Levente Ungváry and system administrator Zsolt Gerstenbrein were employees of Maitreya Ltd. until 2012. Andreea Kurucz-Taflan was also an employee of Maitreya Ltd and continued to work with Mandelay Kft. until the end October 2016.

William C. Nelson (Lady Desiré) was CEO and majority owner of Maitreya Ltd until 04.11.2011.

On 23.09.2009, Maitreya Ltd merged with Eclosion Ltd, a company that was formerly responsible for the selling of the SCIO biofeedback devices on certain markets. At the end of 2011, Maitreya Ltd. went through a portfolio change, resulting in changes within its ownership and management structure. On the 30th of December 2011, Maitreya Ltd. transferred all its rights to the biofeedback systems to the newly formed Mandelay Kft., a company, that was created for the purpose of selling and developing the SCIO devices. This happened with the knowledge and written approval of William C. Nelson.

Following the takeover of Mandelay Kft., device manufacturing was done by Pentavox Ltd, a contracted subcontractor of Mandelay Kft. Pentavox Ltd. has acknowledged Mandelay Kft.’s exclusive rights to the SCIO trademark and its operating systems in written legal declarations during both 2012 and 2014.

The development of the EDUCTOR system was done by Mandelay Kft, which is confirmed (inter alia) by information contained within the software interface: “licensed by Mandelay”.

Mandelay Kft. has acquired a European trademark for both SCIO and EDUCTOR.

It should be noted that the hardware part of the devices has been commercially available for years and no part of it is under patent protection. Their design is considered as a "public domain", in accordance with industrial property rights, therefore no exclusivity requirement can be supported. On this basis, we refute QX World Ltd.’s and Desiré Dubounet's claims for exclusive rights. The legal protection of the system is solely based on software copyrights belonging to Mandelay Kft. and trademarks that are also related to Mandelay Kft.

The above statements do not only demonstrate that Mandelay Kft. has all rights, but also supports the fact that the products and services of Mandelay Kft. are original and meet the highest quality standards.

The new developments have taken into account the experiences of the past two decades, thus guaranteeing even higher quality. In light of the previous cooperation, it is very regrettable that negative classifications have been made on the new system, given the shortness of time since the appearance of the new software, such statements cannot be based on thorough and serious inspections, therefore cannot be substantiated.

We are deeply shocked by the insolent and insulting reproaches of QX World and Desiré Dubounet, but we do not want to react to them in a similar manner. If it is not possible to settle the legal dispute peacefully, it will not be settled through the web, but through clarification before the competent authorities.

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