Letter from Mandelay Kft. / BHO - 2017.10.26

It has come to our attention that QX World Ltd. and foreign affiliates within its sphere of interest have been making statements partially on their websites, partially via e-mails and through communications on their social media platforms. Statements containing no factual or legal basis, severely violating the good reputation of our company, the SCIO and EDUCTOR devices and their operating systems. These companies have attached statements made by Desiré Dubounet (p.k.a. W. C. Nelson) and subcontractor Pentavox Ltd. (formerly responsible for the manufacturing of certain parts of the devices) to their offending allegations.

Contrary to these allegations, the facts are as follows...

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Important Information regarding SCIO/EDUCTOR

The Budapest Home Office/Mandelay Kft. would like to inform you of the following:

The leadership of Mandelay Kft. works (as it has been for nearly 25 years - since - 1993) with Desire Dubounet to give the world the SCIO and related technologies. To have a better understanding of the current situation of today we would like to call the attention to three points...

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Important Announcement About the SCIO and the EDUCTOR Device

Important Announcement About the SCIO and the EDUCTOR Device

The Budapest Home Office/Mandelay Ltd would like to share some important news and changes that will take place in our industry.
We all know that in the past few years there have been a lot of confusions and misunderstandings.
Bad decisons have been made and we feel compromised by them

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Two new products

We present two new products

As a result of many years of development and extensive market survey, we have introduced two new accessories:

  • Orgon extension system
  • Electro Acupressure Device

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