History of biofeedback, description of methodology

HistoryThe modern medicine has been successfully measuring the body’s electric activity for a long while now; with using ECG, EEG, EMG the heart, the cerebral cortex and the skeletal muscles are no more secrets for us. The biofeedback diagnostics is based on the same principles, but in this case not only the device is doing the work, but – we are also needed to the successful diagnosis and training.

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Mandelay Q9 the future is here

MandelayQ9 deviceAs you already know our other two products the Eductor and the SCIO, the  Mandelay Q9  Biofeedback (Quantum Universal Energetic Systems’ Technology) is the latest development with features that the SCIO device is not able to do yet.

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Eductor smallInnovation, development and renewal – these are almost expectations in the field of traditional medicine. The solutions of the complementary medicine are not at all lagging behind them; they produce better and better results on innovation level. The EDUCTOR system is the more developed version of the SCIO; it is able to detect and resolve in a unique way the stress factors and blockages of the body.

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SCIO deviceThe SCIO Biofeedbcak (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation) system is a successful piece of the discoveries of natural sciences. Why? The SCIO provides an accurate and precise picture of our overall health and every training executed by it is personalized and unique – all this is backed up by thousands of satisfied clients around the world.

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Eletro Acupressure Device - EAD

EAD small

It is a common problem that we only go to see a doctor when we are in big trouble. We devote only little time and energy to the maintenance of our physical and mental health– but our health suffers from it. In addition to the traditional medicine, thanks to the complementary medicine luckily there are devices, which can prevent the development of a disease or help the healing process by mapping the body’s own electric, magnetic and electromagnetic characteristics.

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CyberMagneticChair SmallThe beneficial effect of music has been well-known for a long time. Most certainly, we can recall a melody, a song or an entire album that can help us relax, turn off and recharge while we’re listening to it. With the help of the Cybermagnetic system, something very similar happens, but it contributes to the preservation of both our physical and mental balance more effectively and in a more targeted way.

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