Health, which fits in your hand – Vitalmobil

VitamobilThe VitalMobil is at the forefront of communication between the cells; with this small device numerous programs and various frequencies are available, which improve the body’s harmonious functioning and help to maintain good health – moreover it is very simple to use, is free from side effects and can be combined with other treatments.

VitalMobil is a bio-resonance device; every living creature is resonating in some frequency range from the cell movements to the most complex neurological functions. If the resonance tips off from its balance the body’s harmony is disrupted. This adverse condition may culminate in different health problems and in stress.

How does it help?

HelpWhitin i492676582With the help of VitalMobil we can do much for our physical condition and for our peace of mind; it offers such optimization that supports the body’s own bio-information coordination. At correct frequency, the programs in the device assist the cell membrane’s functioning and metabolism and increase the cell’s energy level. From this point they strengthen maintaining the balance, and in case of disharmony, restoring it. With restoring the balance from disharmony a cellular process begins, during which the immune system can be restored to a healthy and balanced state.

The use of VitalMobil does not cause pain and harmful side effects. For the most efficient use good water consumption is recommended: a well-hydrated body promotes the propagation of waves within the body and the water molecules are able to store resonances due to their ability to carry information.

Areas of use

  • Reducing daily and work stress
  • Improving mood and general well-being
  • Helping falling asleep and sleeping better
  • Supporting regeneration processes
  • Creating bioenergetics balance
  • Supporting focusing and concentration
  • Offering muscle regeneration and revitalization programs for athletes
  • Bio-resonance alarm clock to start the natural process of waking up
  • Helping to reach relaxation state and meditation easier
  • Detoxification program even for hangovers
  • Supporting metabolic processes
  • Can help decreasing fatigue and drowsiness during the transition period between time zones after travelling

Why would I need the VitalMobil?

It is well known that a healthy person is able to save time and money – he doesn’t have to go to doctors, or to pay for medication. VitalMobile provides help to achieve this, as its effect can be felt in all ages. With the use of the device, we can feel fitter and live our everyday life more cheerfully and with more energy.

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