With sounds for our well-being - CYBERMAGNETIC CHAIR

CyberChair i507269720The beneficial effect of music has been well-known for a long time. Most certainly, we can recall a melody, a song or an entire album that can help us relax, turn off and recharge while we’re listening to it. With the help of the Cybermagnetic system, something very similar happens, but it contributes to the preservation of both our physical and mental balance more effectively and in a more targeted way.

While we enjoy the comfort of the special Cybermagnetic pads, through the connected microphone and headphones, the computer analyses our voice sample by searching for energetic disturbances, then it picks an appropriate music for us to provide relaxation or energetic renewal.

The music come into our body through headphones or with the help of other magnetic field generators. The device that senses the magnetic field receives a signal from our body, and then generates a cybermagnetic loop. After this, the computer manipulates the music in such way that it improves our body’s electrical properties.

The Cybermagnetic Chair uses the magnetic field to reduce stress and is also suitable for acupuncture training.

How does the training work?

HowItWorks i474957352During the training – while being at rest –we have to speak about ourselves for a short while (about 12 seconds). The device will use this sound sample to analyze our voice. After this, the computer begins to select from various sounds, and in the end, the therapist will choose the most appropriate for us.

Why is it good?

The Cyber Magnetic system practically generates a personalized relaxation music for us, and thus we partake in a kind of musical therapy. It can be used if one wants to learn more effectively, for stress reduction, and for relaxation or for muscle training.

What does the Cyber Magnetic package contain?

  • Cyber Magnetic Chair
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Audio cable
  • Microphone cable
  • Adapter
  • Bag
  • Point Probe
  • External microphone
  • 2 audio adapters
  • USB Flash drive with user’s guide, software and navigation guide


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